Locksmith Den Bosch

Locksmith Den Bosch

The lock specialist from Den Bosch and the surrounding area.

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The advantages of locksmith Den Bosch

  • Reliable express service
  • Our locksmiths think along with you
  • Available by phone 24/7
  • SKG locks and PKVW security
  • Specialist knowledge
  • Your reliable locksmith for years
  • New locks available immediately
  • Pay safely and quickly with the pin

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Locksmith Den Bosch

Voted most reliable locksmith in Den Bosch e.o.

Locksmith Den Bosch is a respected and certified locksmith company based in North Brabant. Our team of highly experienced technicians and security experts specialize in everything related to locks, keys and security. We are committed to providing professional and reliable services to both individuals and organizations, no matter how big or small.


Locked out in Den Bosch

At Locksmith Den Bosch we understand the stress and suffering that being locked out of your home or business premises can cause. We specialize in helping clients in Den Bosch with all types of locked out related issues and offer our services 24/7 for your convenience. Whether you have lost your keys, the lock has broken or they have been stolen, our locksmiths are here to help.

  • Available 24/7
  • Express service
  • We come directly to you
  • Your lock opened damage-free
  • If necessary, a new lock immediately
Locked out in Den Bosch

We take care of your hinges and locks down to the last detail

Locksmith Den Bosch offers comprehensive locksmith and security services to ensure the safety of your valuables. Our team of certified professionals has years of experience in the industry and guarantees a reliable and quality service for the individual needs of each customer.

We take care of your hinges and locks down to the last detail

Replace locks

At locksmith Den Bosch we know that changing a lock is a critical moment on which your safety and peace of mind depend. That is why our experienced technicians are always ready to provide you with a professional installation. We only use high-quality materials and technologies to ensure proper security.

Open locks

Den Bosch locksmiths help you with all lock problems. Our locksmiths are available 24/7 to help both private and business customers. When you are locked out, you can always count on us. We only use the best products and work according to the highest level of safety standards, so that your safety is optimally guaranteed.

Burglary protection

At locksmith Den Bosch ‘Burglar Security’ we offer an extensive selection of solutions for your burglary protection needs. Our experienced technicians specialize in installing, repairing and maintaining locks, cylinders, keys and other security equipment. We always strive to advise the most efficient and effective options that guarantee your safety.

Multi-point lock

Locksmith Den Bosch offers the best security for your home by installing a multi-point lock. Multi-point locks are the best way to protect your windows and doors, and Locksmith Den Bosch is the best at this. We only use high-quality materials for every installation of a multi-point lock that guarantee that your home is optimally secured.

Express service

Do you need help repairing, installing or replacing locks? Locksmith Den Bosch offers emergency service for all your lock-related problems. Our technicians are available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist you – wherever and whenever you need it.

Core pulling protection

At locksmith Den Bosch we understand how important it is to keep your home safe. That is why we offer core pulling protection for all our cylinder locks. Core pulling is a commonly used burglary technique that allows criminals to break into your home quickly and silently. It is therefore crucial that your lock is properly secured against this technique.

The mechanics of locksmith Den Bosch

Our team consists of well-trained technicians who have a good solution for every lock problem. They are always quick to provide assistance.

Locksmith Den Bosch accessible to everyone

Locksmith Den Bosch offers customers a reliable service at affordable prices so that you never have to pay more for locksmith needs than necessary. Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to fulfill your lock and key needs. We strive to provide the best possible service and we ensure that all products we offer are up-to-date and safe.

Locksmith Den Bosch accessible to everyone

Keep unwanted intruders out? Turn to Locksmith Den Bosch

With locksmith Den Bosch you are assured of optimal safety. We offer a complete range of burglary protection to protect your home or business premises against intruders. Our team of specialists is ready to provide the right security solutions, including strong doors with reinforced locks, window bars for extra security, deadbolts and more.

Keep unwanted intruders out? Turn to Locksmith Den Bosch

Compensation for damages

Reimbursement of locksmith costs

For people experiencing damage to their property, tracking down financial compensation can be an often time-consuming task. Fortunately, Locksmith Den Bosch’s services provide insurance customers with a better path to process their claim. If your keys are stolen or your home is broken into, the cost of hiring a reputable locksmith will be covered by your home insurance.

Reimbursement of locksmith costs

Reimbursement of costs in case of lost keys

Losing your key is an unavoidable fact. It can happen as a result of being lost or stolen, but also as a result of negligence. Unfortunately, many insurance companies no longer cover the cost of locksmith services. If you need help breaking into your home or office, you better contact Locksmith Den Bosch for professional service, advice and support.

Reimbursement of costs in case of lost keys

FAQs to Locksmith Den Bosch

Locksmith Den Bosch offers excellent services for all locksmith services you need. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to answer all your questions about our products and services.

  • Experienced locksmiths
  • Professional emergency service
  • Also outside office hours and on weekends
  • Fitters with VOG
  • Professional mounting
FAQs to Locksmith Den Bosch

I'm locked out, will my key still work after you open my lock?

Yes, it is very rare that the key does not work normally after we have gained access to your premises. We use special tools that do not damage the lock or door. Our locksmiths are well-trained and skilled professionals.

Yes, at locksmiths Den Bosch we believe that you and your family should be safe at all times in your home, at your workplace or in a building that you own and use. So no matter what your emergency is, whether it’s lost keys, broken locks, burglaries or you just want to upgrade your locks, we’ll do our best to get to your property immediately and fix any security issues you may have anywhere in Den Bosch and surrounding suburbs.

Keep the broken part of the key. Call us to make an appointment for a locksmith to remove the broken key from the lock. We can make a new key with the broken parts or we can make a new key from your lock.

Yes, we have a wide variety of locks and door fittings for individuals and businesses. But if you have a rare or not-so-common lock, we can get it delivered and installed in no time at all.

Locksmiths Den Bosch employees are highly trained and qualified professionals with many years of experience. We are very respectful of all our customers and take customer security and safety very seriously. All our employees are checked on their criminal record.

Where can you find our locksmiths?

Locksmith Den Bosch is proud that we offer our services throughout the Netherlands. Our expertise extends beyond just cities; locksmiths who work for Slotenmaker Den Bosch are also located in rural areas.

073 - 200 12 26


Locksmith Den Bosch is one of the most reliable lock service companies in the Netherlands. They offer excellent service, efficient procedures and a wide range of products and services.



The employees of Locksmith Den Bosch are very helpful and know exactly what to do to provide the most reliable and effective lock solutions for every type of lock.



What an excellent locksmith! They were able to come and assist me within minutes of my call. The technician was very professional and courteous, and they did a great job fixing my lock


Common lock problem in Den Bosch

Locksmith Den Bosch offers a full range of lock repairs and services. One of the common problems our customers face is keys getting stuck in the lock. This can happen when you use an old or outdated lock that doesn't work properly, or when pressure is applied to the keyhole with the wrong key.


Unfortunately, many people, regardless of whether they live in a city or rural area, experience burglary damage due to one-sided opening or other damage to their lock. Burglary is an unpleasant experience that not only causes material damage, but can also result in emotional damage.


Locks can deteriorate due to weather conditions, poor maintenance or just wear and tear, among other things. It can also happen that your locks are stolen by burglars or that you are accidentally locked out. Fortunately, there is someone to help you: Locksmith Den Bosch!


Slotenmaker nodig in de regio Den Bosch?

Slotenmaker nodig in de regio Den Bosch?

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